The PanzerGlass story


PanzerGlass delivers world class screen protection to businesses and consumers on a global scale. With a large product portfolio – covering screen protection for smartphones, tablets and smart watches – we can help you protect practically all your mobile devices.


We are constantly investing in innovation and development while listening to the needs and wants from our customers and consumers – to be able to secure progress and maintain our position as one of the world’s leading providers of high quality screen protection.


World-wide presence

PanzerGlass is ever-expanding in terms of both product portfolio and global presence. Since being founded in Denmark in 2013, PanzerGlass has established offices in 10 countries around the world, which enables us to provide the ultimate in screen protection for all six inhabited continents. Our rapid growth also means, that we are constantly looking for new, talented colleagues with passion and a positive mindset to join our organisation around the world.


Product Portfolio

In addition to our original flat screen protection for smartphones, tablets and smart watches, we now also offer Premium PanzerGlass for smartphones with rounded screens, PanzerGlass with privacy filter for both smartphones and tablets as well as premium protection bundles (PanzerGlass and cover).


There are a lot more exciting products coming out in the near future – so stay tuned.


A part of the Juhl Bach Holding Group

PanzerGlass is a part of the Juhl Bach Holding Group, which is among the biggest family owned holding companies in Denmark. J.B. Holding specialises in corporate venture activities, and has an interesting portfolio of companies spanning from start-ups to mature companies.

Our vision

At PanzerGlass we envision a future where consumers and customers across all global markets know, use, trust and demand PanzerGlass protection for all their mobile devices.

Our mission

We think ahead - delivering ease-of-mind protective solutions for mobile devices.

PanzerGlass Management

Board of Directors

Johannes Bach – Chairman of the Board at PanzerGlass

Phone: +45 87 64 06 67
Mobile: +45 20 61 01 53

Johannes Bach

Chairman of the Board


Tyler Mcgee

Head of Advisory Board Asia
Michael Koehn Milland – Head of Advisory Board Americas, PanzerGlass


Michael Koehn Milland

Head of Advisory Board Americas

Executive Management

Jimmy Olsen – CEO at PanzerGlass

Phone: +45 87 64 03 55
Mobile: +45 51 18 22 50

Jimmy Olsen

Chief Executive Officer
Casper Aaen – Executive Vice President Operations – PanzerGlass A/S

Mobile: +45 31 16 36 25

Casper Aaen

Executive Vice President Operations
Steen Bollerslev, General Manager Europe, PanzerGlass

Mobile: +45 21 91 29 12

Steen Bollerslev

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
Keld Basse – Chief Financial Officer, PanzerGlass


Keld Basse

Executive Vice President Finance & IT

Top Management

Sara Aboali Andersen, Head of Corporate Projects & Strategy, PanzerGlass

Mobile: +45 20 60 35 87

Sara Aboali Andersen

Head of Corporate Projects
Michael Brønd – Head of Global Marketing

Phone: +45 30 31 55 27

Michael Brønd

Head of Global Marketing
Jesper Mikkelsen, General Manager MEA/APAC, PanzerGlass


Jesper Mikkelsen

General Manager MEA/APAC
Ditte Bak 2.0, Global HR Manager PanzerGlass


Ditte Bak

Global HR Manager
Morten Brint, Sales Director Europe, PanzerGlass 1000×1000


Morten Brint

Sales Director Europe
Mohamed Zaghloul – Sales Manager, PanzerGlass, MENA


Mohamed Zaghloul

Sales Director MENA
Mikkel Gudsø, Vice President Legal Affairs, PanzerGlass


Mikkel Gudsøe

Vice President Legal Affairs
Kristian Kolding, Executive Assistant to CEO, PanzerGlass


Kristian Kolding

Executive Assistant to CEO
Henrik Fisker, Head of IT, PanzerGlass

Mobile: +45 63 60 11 33
Mobile: +45 22 35 93 27

Henrik Fisker

Head of IT