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Astralis Fan Event at Field’s Copenhagen

PanzerGlass Astralis Fan Event - Selfie wall

Sponsorships are easy – activation is hard

To sponsor something – in this case CS: GO powerhouse Astralis – is easy. It is the subsequent activation of the sponsorship that can prove difficult.

PanzerGlass utilized a cross-channel approach, engaging both offline and online media channels in order to maximise the media publicity and engagement from fans and followers of both Astralis and PanzerGlass. With a goal to create visibility, brand awareness and launch a specific product, the Astralis BrandGlass™, while at the same time giving something to the fans, the Astralis Fan Event at the Field’s Mall in Copenhagen prior to the Blast Pro Series came to life.

Offline activation

The pulsating shopping mall in Copenhagen framed the two-hour event where the several hundreds of fans attending got to play CS: GO against the Astralis players live on-stage, take selfies with the players and see their idols test the new Astralis BrandGlass™ - all as a part of the event created to give something to the fans.

BrandGlass™ is about protecting the Astralis player’s phones, enabling them to keep in touch with their families, friends and fans – and a way for the fans to show their support to Astralis and obtain the same product benefits as them.

Online traction

The event was marketed online on Facebook in cooperation with Astralis and Jack & Jones® to create engagement and traction. On the day of the event, fans going to the Facebook event itself were kept up-to-date and afterwards a selfie competition was launched, urging attendees to post their selfies to Instagram and tag the three companies along with the #astralisfanevent hashtag. This created further engagement online post-event.

Retailer ownership

We engaged our retailers in the mall and made sure they had sufficient Astralis BrandGlass™ in their assortment. They were wearing co-branded caps and polo shirts to welcome and help the many fans wanting to purchase Astralis BrandGlass™ or regular PanzerGlass™. Our tradition of training store employees to demonstrate the strengths of PanzerGlass™ and fit PanzerGlass™ to customer’s phones proved to increase the ownership of the event of each retailer, further driving sales and engagement.

For more info on our Astralis sponsorship, click here.

Interested in partnering up with PanzerGlass? Contact stbo@panzerglass.com.

#AstralisFanEvent - Facts

  • The two-hour-long Astralis fan event was set in Fields on November 23rd 2017
  • Field's experienced a 4% increase in customers compared to the same day last year.
  • The Danish Counter-Strike: GO team Astralis is one of the highest-ranking CS: GO teams in the world.
  • Astralis BrandGlass™ features the iconic Astralis logo imprinted onto PanzerGlass™ screen protection. The logo is only visible when your phone is turned off. See our assortment here
  • Esports grew to a $696 million industry in 2017, a year-on-year growth of 41.3% (and is expected to grow to a $1220 million in 2020)
  • The average Esports fan is a 21-35-year-old male and has an above average salary and household income