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PanzerGlass specialised protection solutions

Our range of screen protectors covers practically anything; smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. But we also offer specialised protection solutions made specifically for you. If it has a screen, we can protect it! Don't hesitate to reach out to us, if you have special needs - our B2B department is always up for the task and will come up with a solution that fits you and your company.

Read all about our range of screen protector products below or reach out to us at b2b@panzerglass.com if you need a specialised solution.

What is PanzerGlass?

PanzerGlass is quite possibly the strongest screen protector available. We are offering an industry-leading thickness combined with the latest advancements in tempering, which means that, at its core, a PanzerGlass™ provides the strongest protection possible.

In order to secure a consistent level of high product quality, PanzerGlass™ uses the best raw material with a silicon that ensures an easy and fast installation guaranteed free of air bubbles and 100% touch preservation. The oleophobic coating reduces smudge-marks and fingerprints for a better end-user experience.

The perfect fit

PanzerGlass is official partners with Microsoft, HTC, Google, Sony, and Samsung, ensuring our products live up to the high standards of some of the smartphone industry's biggest players. If you choose us as your supplier of screen protector solutions we guarantee, that you will experience the best in protection.

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PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protectors for businesses

Do you or your company have a privacy policy? 59% of all employees take their work outside the office. Are you in control of what they share unintended? Our privacy enabled screen protectors are available for smartphones, tablets, and laptops - why not include this in your privacy policy?

Go to our B2B Privacy Solutions page for more info. Press the button below.

PanzerGlass™ Privacy Screen Protectors

BrandGlass - Add your own logo

Adding your brand logo to screen protectors is the perfect way to brand your company while protecting the phones of your employees. On top of saving you from costly repairs, it allows you to utilise your employees as brand ambassadors everywhere they go.

Start your branding and save money now. Go to our B2B BrandGlass page - press the button below.


PanzerGlass Cristiano Ronaldo BrandGlass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s/7/8

bulk solutions

As a special offer to our key B2B customers, we offer a unique bulk packaging solution: a simple sleeve folder easy to unpack and easy to dispose of. It is a perfect solution for companies interested in saving time, money and space for onsite installation.

  • Save money and time with our BULK packaging solution
  • Our BULK assortment includes all Apple products and selected Samsung models. We can also deliver if you have another product if > 500 pcs.

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