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PanzerGlass b2b Bid solutions

PanzerGlass B2B BID

With our wide range of PanzerGlassTM products, you can  protect your investment in various devices in your company. With PanzerGlassTM you minimize the risk of broken mobile devices and thereby fewer costly repairs of the the devices.

At PanzerGlass we offer various and customized solutions for both small, medium and large accounts.

Our product range covers Privacy, BrandGlass, Cases or a total solution matching the needs from your company.




What is PanzerGlass Bid price request?

When having tenders or if you inquire large quantities, it is possible for us to offer a special BID price. Offering a BID price is done in cooperation with our distribution partners.

Apply for a special BID Price now, and protect your investment today, by writing us a mail at BID@panzerglass.com


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our B2B team on the form below or at B2B@panzerglass.com

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