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PanzerGlass Privacy CARO BrandGlass Screen Protector

Branding is everywhere; on clothing, toys, office supplies etc. - Why not brand your phone as well?

The typical mobile phone user touches his/her phone 2.617 times every day, and the average American adult (18+) spends an astonishing 2 hours and 51 minutes every day on their mobile phones. Why not use these facts to make them think of you, every time they touch their phone?

What is BrandGlass™

BrandGlass™ is your way of standing out in a crowded market. In a world of constant change, truly tailored solutions are some of the few remaining sources of competitive differentiation.

With the help of our designers, you can get your own company BrandGlass™, enabling you to personalise your employee's smartphones and tablets. It is the perfect company and brand awareness opportunity towards customers, consumers and/or employees - and you save money from costly repairs, as your company phones and tablets are protected.

BrandGlass™ screen protectors are available for both smartphones and tablets and feature the same core benefits as a regular PanzerGlass™ screen protector.

BrandGlass - Simply Better Branding

is passion

PanzerGlass™ is passionately dedicated to providing the ultimate screen protectors.

A market leader and true innovator, BrandGlass™ is a dynamic organisation on the rise.

Comprised by a small tightly-knit team of people spread across offices in Denmark, Dubai, USA, South Africa and Hong Kong. With a YOY growth of over 400%, we’re expanding so rapidly we’ll be present on all continents in 2017.

At PanzerGlass™ we understand the great importance smartphones and tablets have in our modern and active everyday lives. This is why PanzerGlass™ is all about protection. It is the core of what we do. Helping consumers protect their screens for when everyday life happens.

We focus on high product quality, great service and speed to market.

is pride

PanzerGlass™ is in a league of its own – known around the world for its high transparency and high-quality features.

An industry leading thickness of up to 0,4 mm combined with the latest advancements in tempering makes PanzerGlass™ the strongest protection possible.

In order to secure a consistent level of high product quality, PanzerGlass™ has established its own procedures and manual containing up to 33 quality points - all documented for internal optimization purposes.

is protection

PanzerGlass BrandGlass Screen Protectors

BrandGlass™ variations

On/off logo

The on/off logo that is only visible when the phone is turned off. When turned on it is almost invisible, so it does not interfere with the features and functions of the phone.

Colour/transparent logo

The coloured or transparent logo in the top/bottom of the phone is always visible on the phone.

UV logo

The UV logo is only visible when exposed to UV light.

BrandGlass™ examples

Our collaborations with world-renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo as well as top-tier CS: GO team Astralis are prime examples of how a BrandGlass™ can protect your phone while showcasing your support to an athlete or brand.

And with our newest addition one of the best female tennis players right now, Caroline Wozniacki, we have added our privacy filter to the BrandGlass™ family.

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