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The modern workplace is trending - employees enjoy the opportunity to work anywhere, at anytime and on any device. Business data is no longer inside an office, but across devices often in public places, i.e. on planes and trains, open offices, big meeting and conference rooms.

Rules and regulations such as GDPR have been passed to ensure companies actively recognise and comply with the increased need for data protection.

All together, modern companies now find themselves with new kind of challenges and have to look for easy, applicable ways to meet and comply with these new demands and regulations.


In the centre of the digital possibilities (and challenges) we find our devices

The screens of the devices are big and bright, providing the people next to your with an opportunity to have a look. Aside from traditional security measures applied by companies, the current situation calls for a way to cover the content on the screen from onlookers.

The solution is PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions. A broad range of screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and laptops with a Privacy Filter, which ensures that you can take control of when and to whom you are showing the content of your screen.

How does PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors work?

PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protectors B2B Solutions

The screen is only visible when viewed from the front - not when viewed from the right or left, effectively shielding the content of the screen from bystanders and curious eyes.

PanzerGlass Privacy Solutions are available for smartphones, tablets, MacBooks and PCs across brands.

For smartphones and tablets the installation is easy, just like a normal screen protector. The PC privacy filter is applied with hooks, which does not require any tape or sliders.

PanzerGlass Dual Privacy CamSlider


PanzerGlass Privacy CamSlider™ is the World's first and only Dual PrivacyTM screen protector with a built-in camera cover to give you all your privacy needs in one high performance product. This extra feature lets you take control of when your camera is opened or closed, by simply slide left or right, adding another level of security and privacy to the company and employees.

You can read more about the CamSlider™ product here. Available for smartphones, MacBooks and laptops.


PanzerGlass Apple iPhone X/XS, Black Case Friendly, CamSlider & Dual Privacy

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