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PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protectors

what is privacy?

The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

PanzerGlass Privacy screen protector for businesses

59% of all employees take their work outside the office - what is your company privacy policy? How do you ensure that sensitive business information is kept safe? Our privacy enabled screen protectors shield the content of any screen from curious eyes. We provide privacy screen protectors for smartphones, tablets, and laptops which means that you can shield every shred of information and protect your employee's screen at the same time.

Why not include a smartphone, tablet, and laptop privacy in the company's privacy policy? Contact us now for more information on our B2B privacy solutions.

What is smartphone privacy?

Smartphone privacy relates to different data types, including:

Internet privacy: All personal data shared over the Internet is subject to privacy issues.

Financial privacy: Financial information is particularly sensitive, as it may easily be used to commit fraud.

Medical privacy: All medical records are subject to stringent laws that address user access privileges.


Sensitive business information includes anything that poses a risk to the company in question if discovered by a competitor or the public. Such information includes trade secrets, acquisition plans, financial data and supplier and customer information, among other possibilities.


Classified information pertains to a government body and is restricted according to a level of sensitivity (for example, restricted, confidential, secret and top secret). Information is generally classified to protect the security, as with attorney-client privilege, for example.


Sensitive personally identifiable information is data that can be traced back to an individual and that, if disclosed, could result in harm to that person.

How does PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors work?

PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protectors B2B Solutions

The privacy enabled PanzerGlass features the same core benefits as the original Protection glass, while also protecting the contents of the display.

The screen is only visible when viewed straight on - not when viewed from the right or left, effectively shielding the content of the screen from bystanders and curious eyes. PanzerGlass privacy products are available for both flat glass models, PanzerGlass curved models, tablets and laptops.






your privacy
in public


What we suggest

From our hands-on customers’ experience, we suggest that each of your employees get a PanzerGlass Privacy screen protector and that you, as a buffer, hold an extra glass per employee locally in stock.

Here’s why

If something happens with one of your phones that causes the PanzerGlass to take the impact and save the phone, it is easily replaced with a new one.

Optimize your costs

Some companies experience an increased cost – often between 150 EUROs and up – each time a screen needs to be repaired. Additionally, the warranty is not valid, because they often use unauthorized repairers.

In order to make life easier for you, we’ve made a time-saving box containing 50 pcs. of Privacy PanzerGlass.

But why should you care?

Every week we hear about a smartphone security flaw. Whether it's a massive bug in iOS, apps leaking your location data to the public, or password/secrets kept and stored on our mobile wallet, smartphone privacy isn't taken seriously enough. Yet it should be.

You can most likely access or sneak peek into someone's entire life via their phone, whether if their travelling in public by train, plane, bus or subway.

Did you know that these travelling methods have increased by more than 37% over the last 18 years*? Ask yourself if your travelling frequency has changed in the past years.

*91% of the time “hackers” could obtain information simply by looking over someone’s shoulders. Globally, 52% of sensitive information can be successfully hacked from employee computer screens.

Privacy when travelling

Travelling methods have increased by more than 37% over the last 18 years, in public by train, plane, bus or subway.

91% of the time the “hackers” could obtain information simply by looking over shoulders and managed to get an average of 3.9 pieces of sensitive information while also only getting caught 32% of the time.

Globally, 52% of sensitive information can be successfully hacked from employee computer screens.

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Panzerglass in brief

PanzerGlass is passionately dedicated to providing the ultimate screen protector for mobile devices. As industry standard within mobile screen protection, our PanzerGlass™ represents the finest in impact resistance and shatterproof technology. Available for literally every handheld device on the market today, PanzerGlass screen protection excels with its product qualities like strength, transparency and thickness.

PanzerGlass current portfolio consists of 330+ different products, containing both smartphone and tablets across a wide range of brands and models.