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BrandGlass™ by PanzerGlass

BrandGlass™ by PanzerGlass™ is a new way to brand your company, showcase your fan support or simply make your phone or tablet stand out. It comes in numerous variations and features the same core benefits as a regular PanzerGlass™ screen protector.

PanzerGlass BrandGlass Screen Protectors

BrandGlass™ variations

On/off logo

The on/off logo that is only visible when the phone is turned off. When turned on it is almost invisible, so it does not interfere with the features and functions of the phone.

Colour/transparent logo

The coloured or transparent logo in the top/bottom of the phone is always visible on the phone.

UV logo

The UV logo is only visible when exposed to UV light.

BrandGlass™ examples

Our collaborations with world-renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo as well as top-tier CS: GO team Astralis are prime examples of how a BrandGlass™ can protect your phone while showcasing your support to an athlete or brand.

And with our newest addition one of the best female tennis players right now, Caroline Wozniacki, we have added our privacy filter to the BrandGlass™ family.

BrandGlass™ business solutions

Looking to brand your company with BrandGlass™ by PanzerGlass™ and protect your employees' phones at the same time? Email us or use our the contact form below to hear more BrandGlass™ and how it can benefit your company.