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Looking for a career at PanzerGlass?

At PanzerGlass, we are constantly looking for talented people to join our international team. You will be working at a company with limitless opportunities in a global context - and with colleagues, customers and partners and the like around the world.

Instead of having pre-designed career paths and well-formed steps to follow – we believe it is up to you to take responsibility and show us your skills and competencies. Together, we will then ensure a steep learning curve as well as a suitable and exciting career development.

Our employees are our most important resources.

Open positions


Unsolicited positions

We welcome unsolicited applications and internship applications at hr@panzerglass.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Recruitment process

We have a clear-cut recruitment process, which ensures that we hire the right candidate for the job.

What are we looking for? 

“Making sure there's alignment between our employees personal goals and the company's business goals is important to us. The same counts for the employees personal values and the company’s values. We are looking for this alignment, because it is fundamental to ensure happy employees to whom the company values and goals come naturally. We believe that putting the happiness of our employees and customers first is the way to strengthen relationships, create a strong culture and even ensure good results on the balance sheet.”

Head of Global HR Lene Mondrup

Ditte Bak

Below you can see our five-step recruitment process:

PanzerGlass Recruitment Process
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Michael Brønd, Head of Global Marketing, PanzerGlass

Employee experience with the recruitment process:

“From the initial interview PanzerGlass™ gave me a transparent and professional picture of what it takes to be successful and a cultural fit. PanzerGlass™ interviewers are smart, empathic and caring people who are eager to get to know you, answer your questions and share with you what makes working there so much fun, challenging and rewarding”. 

- Michael Brønd, Head of Global Marketing.

Our Journey

PanzerGlass™ has been on an incredible journey: we have grown from a small Danish startup with only one employee in 2013 to a global company with more than 50 employees in 2017. Along the way, we have reached and celebrated a lot of different milestones some of which you can see below.


Working at PanzerGlass™

When you start working in PanzerGlass™ you are welcomed into our PanzerGlass™ family. We believe and trust in every single employee we hire. We have an informal work atmosphere and we strive to be a great place to work.

For this reason, we are very proud that we ranked number 13 on the list of smaller companies by Great Place to Work® in  2017. This has given us a great boost and the coming year we will strive to become even better.

In 2017 we conducted the survey for the first time. We did this simply because we want to be the best workplace for our employees. In order to reach that goal, we need open and honest feedback from our employees, which we get from the yearly Great Place to Work survey. We want to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to provide their input of how to develop and improve the workplace culture here at PanzerGlass™ while at the same time give feedback on how we are actually doing.

This is yet another milestone for our organisation and we are really proud of it. This clearly states that our employees are dedicated and work hard to create a winning culture in our organisation. That is exactly what makes us the organisation we are today and one of the main drivers for our success.

For more info go to our dedicated Working at PanzerGlass page.

PanzerGlass Great Place to Work 2017

Julian Therkelsen PanzerGlass

"At PanzerGlass™ I feel appreciated and meaningful and it inspires me to do my best for the business every single day and in every situation."

Julian Therkelsen, Assistant Sales Manager

Frank Reimann PanzerGlass

"I feel accepted and trusted for what I do, for my ideas and first successes in existing and new businesses.
I love being part of exhibitions and visiting customers to promote our great brand and products."

Frank J. Reimann, Sales Manager DACH

Benefits, celebrations and get-togethers at PanzerGlass™

We expect our employees to do their very best every day. Therefore, we have a lot of great benefits for our employees, these include:

  • Interesting career opportunities across the entire world
  • Introduction meeting with our CEO learning about of history and development
  • Company parties and celebration of big accomplishments
  • Discount schemes, mobile phone and laptop
  • Healthcare scheme
  • Pension scheme and pension counselling
  • Ergonomic furniture


At PanzerGlass™ we love to celebrate our successes and victories - both in small and large scale. We celebrate good financial results, finalising projects, product launches, personal victories, birthdays and anniversaries. We believe it is important because it creates a strong and important feeling of team spirit. Moreover, celebratin is important for the individual in the organisation because it can create that sensation of feeling valued and recognised.

Some of our celebrations include:

  • On their birthday, all employees have a big national flag next to their desk
  • On their first day, new employees are welcomed with breakfast together with the organisation
  • All employees get a Christmas present and a personal seasonal greeting from our CEO
  • All employees get an Easter egg for Easter
  • We intend to celebrate anniversaries after 5 years of employment but due to our short history we have not had any anniversaries yet
  • All employees who become parents receive a gift and a card with a personal greeting from our CEO

We believe that when our employees want to do something together, also when they are not working, it increases a sense of team spirit and happiness for our business. Therefore, we encourage all of our employees to arrange any kind of get-together in their spare time, which we will also support economically.


If you have any questions about careers at PanzerGlass™, the application process or the like, you are welcome to contact Global HR Manager, Lene Mondrup, at lemo@panzerglass.com or at +45 31 10 47 98.