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PanzerGlass x Caroline Wozniacki screen protectors and cases


Privacy Enabled caroline wozniacki Screen Protectors

Protect your phone and your privacy with the new Caroline Wozniacki Privacy enabled BrandGlass™ screen protectors and leather cases.

Public transportation, airports, public places or at home on the couch – your activities on your phone is your own business – make sure it stays that way.

Our Caroline Wozniacki CARO screen protectors feature a privacy filter, that renders the content of your display almost invisible to everyone else but you. That way you can FaceTime with your friends, text your loved ones or watch that crazy cat video on Facebook without worrying about peeping bystanders.

The CARO leather cases are hand-made to fit your phone with easy access to all ports and functions. The cases made from genuine calf leather by the Austrian case manufacturer, Mike Galeli, and feature a hard and robust shell with a microfibre lining for optimal protection.

Caroline Wozniacki brandglass privacy_2_1200x630
Shock resistant
Scratch resistant
Touch preservation
Easy installation
Tempered glass

Caroline Wozniacki Privacy enabled BrandGlass™ has Caroline’s signature imprinted on the PanzerGlass™, while at the same protecting the content of your phone and featuring the same core qualities as our PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protectors. The Caroline Wozniacki BrandGlass™ also features blue light reduction, enabling you to use your phone in those late-night hours without interfering with your sleep, and anti-glare coating, so the sun won’t interfere when using your phone outside.

Where to buy?

Go to your local retailer or search online – the products are available now.


Caroline Wozniacki BrandGlass™ screen protectors: Protect your phone against shocks and scratches, preserve full usability and touch sensitivity and shield the content of your screen from curious eyes – while showing your support for Caroline Wozniacki.


PanzerGlass™ proud to work together with one of the world’s greatest tennis players, Caroline Wozniacki, by protecting her connection to friends, family and fans and shielding the content of her phone from curious eyes, when she is travelling the world.

We both share the same passion for what we do respectively; Caroline Wozniacki, one of the top tennis player in the world and PanzerGlass™, a leading player in the world of screen protection.

With this partnership, Caroline Wozniacki adds yet another branch to her brand, while actively making sure her privacy is never compromised when travelling.

For PanzerGlass™, the partnership will increase brand awareness by reaching out to a huge community of tennis fans and athletes – amateurs and pros alike –  both in the online and analogue world – and thereby help conquer new markets as well as open new doors in existing.

Game, set and match!