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Issues with PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ use an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that is embedded into the screen. This uses soundwaves to create an intricate 3D map of your fingerprint. In order to get full in-screen fingerprint functionality with PanzerGlassTM for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ you need to install the glass correctly and further adjust the settings. …

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Caroline Wozniacki brandglass privacy screen protector_2_1200x630

How do privacy screen protectors work?

Visual hacking has been around for ages (ever had someone lure your PIN code for your credit card?), and today our phones contain much more personal information and access to much more information as well. People are also using their mobile devices everywhere, leaving the content of their screens exposed. We are talking logins, payroll …

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