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F.C. Copenhagen and PanzerGlass™ launch exclusive Fan Edition

F.C. Copenhagen and PanzerGlass™ launch exclusive Fan Edition PanzerGlass™ with grass seeds from Telia Parken for all Copenhagen lion-hearts – and gardens.

F.C. Copenhagen football fans now have the opportunity to protect their smartphones with a limited edition of PanzerGlass™ combined with a unique opportunity to sow a lawn at home with the same grass seed as that used for the Telia Parken football stadium. 


PanzerGlass™, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screen protection for smartphones and tablets, has entered into a unique collaboration with the football club F.C. Copenhagen on an exclusive Fan Edition of PanzerGlass™.

“The great unboxing experience will exude the atmosphere from Telia Parken. Most people have probably tried pressing their ear against a conch shell to hear the sound of the ocean. It’s the same feeling, just with sliding tackles and a game winner in injury time. We’ve worked closely with F.C. Copenhagen on a limited edition of PanzerGlass™ for F.C. Copenhagen fans who go all in. The unique product therefore has a number of markers which fans will use to navigate. The sound of roaring supporters, and the chance to sow grass seed from Telia Parken in your own garden combined with Champions League level screen protection,” says Michael Brønd, Global Marketing Director at PanzerGlass™.

BrandGlass™ is a unique way of showing your personal affiliation to a football club or another brand whose values you identify with. On top of which, you get unique protection for a very expensive product like a smartphone.

The F.C. Copenhagen Fan Shop is also thrilled to be able to offer its fans something new and unique: “At the F.C. Copenhagen Fan Shop, we’re always striving to offer quality products to our supporters. Our cooperation with PanzerGlass™ gives us this opportunity, while at the same time enabling true fans to show which club they support – in a discreet and subdued manner. We look forward to getting both the glass and the covers on the shelves, so that our supporters’ phones are well-protected and look great,” says Martin Nøhr Rådberg, store manager at the F.C. Copenhagen Fan Shop.

Christian Boström, Sales Manager B2B, Europe adds: “A BrandGlass™ both protects and brands. Whether you’re a supporter or a businessman. For any company with company-paid devices, using PanzerGlass™ offers tangible financial benefits. Every day our smartphones are tested to the limit. Meetings, travel, work, sport etc. It can be very expensive for companies having to pay for repairs and replacements when a smartphone breaks. On top of significant savings, we offer BrandGlass™ which forges a special bond between your company or the football club you support. In exactly the same way as what we’ve done with F.C. Copenhagen.”

F.C. Copenhagen Fan Edition products from PanzerGlass™ can be purchased in the fan shop and online at the end of November.

For more information about BrandGlass, please contact:

Steen Bollerslev, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at PanzerGlass™: stbo@panzerglass.com / +45 2191 2912

Christian Boström, Sales Manager B2B Europe at PanzerGlass™: chrb@panzerglass.com / +45 3114 4114.

Additional information from F.C. Copenhagen:

Jes Mortensen, Head of Communication at F.C. Copenhagen: jmo@fck.dk / +45 2390 8010


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