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Get faster wireless charging with PanzerGlass Back Glass

Protect the back of your iPhone with PanzerGlass Back Glass Protector iPhone8

Protect the back of your iPhone X or iPhone 8 with PanzerGlass Back Glass

And avoid the downsides of wireless charging at the same time

With the release of Apple's iPhone 8-series and iPhone X, wireless charging became the new standard. But due to the fragile all-glass backside of the phones, you are inclined to protect it with a case, which can, in turn, interfere with the wireless charging, maybe even render it unusable. Depending on the type of case you have, wireless charging may or may not work flawlessly. But you have other options if you are looking to protect the back of your iPhone, thus avoiding the hassle of having to repair your phone while still being able to benefit from the many features of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Protect the back of your iPhone - and charge it at the same time

The PanzerGlass™ Back Glass protects the glass back of your iPhone but does not interfere with your wireless charger, which a case might. This means, that you are able to use your iPhone 8 or iPhone X as it was intended without adding extra bulk or weight to it. By fitting your phone with a PanzerGlass™ you will experience faster wireless charging* and keep the original look of your phone instead of hiding it away by using a case.

The Back Glass is made the same way as our screen protectors, which means, it is shock and scratch resistant and coated with an oleophobic layer, that reduces the amount of fingerprint and smudge marks left on the phone.

Please keep in mind, that the back glass does not cover the entire back of the phone, as it does not cover the curved edges.

Easy installation

PanzerGlass™ back glass is extremely easy to install; simply clean the back of your iPhone with the wet wipe, dry it off and place the back glass on the phone. The adhesive will do its job and make sure, that the back glass attaches to the phone. Use the cloth to remove any air bubbles by "pushing" the bubble towards the edge of the tempered glass. If you are experiencing several air bubbles, try and lift the back glass slightly and push the bubble towards the edge when you reattach the back glass.

We do not recommend removing and re-attaching the back glass several times, as the adhesive will wear out.

If you are interested in seeing how it works and how to install, check it out below:

Back glass for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X

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Where to buy?

You can find a PanzerGlass™ Back Glass for your phone on Amazon here.


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