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The new iPhones are here! 

The new iPhones are here! – And we are ready with screen protection and ClearCase™ for the new iPhones.


PanzerGlassTM screen protection

Think of screen protection as an airbag: The airbags in a car will protect you, if an accident happens. Screen protection has the same function, as it protects the screen of your new iPhone from getting scratches or cracking if you accidentally drop it.

The new models have large 5.8″-6.5″ edge-to-edge screens and as our smartphones are such a big part of our lives, following us everywhere, the risk of dropping or scratching them is high. By applying screen protection you protect your device and yourself from the costs and agony associated with having to repair a screen. PanzerGlassTM offers high quality scratch and shock resistant screen protection. Very easy to install and with 100% touch.

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PanzerGlass for the new iPhones

PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM

The design of the new iPhone models includes a number of colours. Protect back and sides of the iPhone with our ClearCaseTM, designed to let you enjoy the beautiful design and colours of the iPhones, but still with PanzerGlassTM protection. Read more about our ClearCase here, and the new, very strong ClearCase Black Edition.

See the ClearCase range for iPhone 2019


PanzerGlass ClearCase Black edition




We will also be launching PanzerGlassTM Privacy Solutions for the new iPhones.  More info will follow.


For more info on the PanzerGlassTM products for the new iPhone contact us or your local sales representative.