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Issues with PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ use an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that is embedded into the screen. This uses soundwaves to create an intricate 3D map of your fingerprint.

In order to get full in-screen fingerprint functionality with PanzerGlassTM for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ you need to install the glass correctly and further adjust the settings.



After cleaning your device and removing the labelled “back”, carefully position the PanzerGlassTM with the loudspeaker “cut-out” in the top of the phone.

Afterwards you remove the film labelled “front” and use your finger/nail to press and remove air bubbles around the fingerprint reader. Our PanzerGlassTM has a thin silicone layer around the in-screen fingerprint reader combined with a stronger adhesive placed along the edges. End the installation by pressing the edges of the PanzerGlassTM to secure the glass fully.


Please also enhance the touch sensitivity settings and mind that the Samsung S10/S10+ enables you to install the same fingerprint more than once.


You can also see an installation video here


If you have any further questions to the installation or product, you are welcome to contact us on info@panzerglass.com


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