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Meet Henrik Rehnman

Name: Henrik Rehnman

Position: Nordic Sales Manager

Employed since: I will start 1st of January 2018

Country, you work in: I will be based in Sweden but I will cover all the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland & Iceland).

Fun fact about yourself that is not work-related: I make the best hamburgers East of the Atlantic ocean. 

Your background

What have you done before joining PanzerGlass?

I started working within the Consumer Electronics business in 1996 and have worked in sales- and marketing related roles at Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Panasonic, WD and Whirlpool.

Henrik Rehnmann, Nordic Sales Manager, PanzerGlass

What are you/have you been passionate about?

I am passionate about helping people and selling products that can actually make a positive difference in peoples' lives is a way to achieve that.

Working at PanzerGlass

How did you find out about PanzerGlass?

I met Mr Morten Brint in one of the lounges at Kastrup Airport some years ago when he was new at PanzerGlass. I had met Morten several times before when he was working for his previous employer but it was really great to experience the way he talked about his new job, the products and the company PanzerGlass.

Why was the company attractive to you?

I remember the way Morten Brint had spoken about the company and I have also heard from one of the biggest retailers in Europe that the products coming from PanzerGlass™ are top of the line. And then I saw that PanzerGlass was voted as one of the best places to work in Denmark. The choice to join was easy!

I wanted to work for a company with products that I easily can relate to and products that make sense to buy for the customers. And on top of this a company that offers a feeling of home and belonging. I immediately felt that this is the place!

What does a typical workday look like for you?

I haven’t started yet but one thing is for sure; every successful day starts with two espressos!

Why do you love your job? What is the best part of it?

The best part of this kind of job is to get to know and understand my customers' businesses and needs and match that with what I have to offer to create profitable and long-term relationships.