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Meet Julian Therkelsen

Name: Julian Therkelsen

Position: Assistant Sales Manager

Employed since: 1st of October 2016

Country, you work in: Headquarter, Denmark / GmbH Berlin

Fun fact about yourself that is not work-related?

I have a pretty bad left foot (Soccer)

Julian Therkelsen, PanzerGlass

Your background

What have you done before joining PanzerGlass?

I was studying for a Master's degree in Finance & International Business at Aarhus University.

What are you/have you been passionate about?

Mainly all sports but also the idea of giving everything I have every day.

Working at PanzerGlass

How did you find out about PanzerGlass?

I didn't know PanzerGlass at all before my job interview, which I got through my network.

Why was the company attractive to you?

I liked the idea of a startup trying to consolidate itself on a global scale. For me, that was interesting and sounded like a place where my skills could be fully challenged.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Not one single day is the same – that’s for me the best part of this job.

Why do you love your job? What is the best part of it?

A work at PanzerGlass is based on a huge trust in the individual employee. The employees get the freedom and flexibility to do the tasks in their own way with limited rules. The PanzerGlass employees are all playing on the same team and we play to make each other better across the organization, which inspires me to do my best. The trust I receive from my managers every day contributes to the mutual trust that exists between us.

At PanzerGlass I feel appreciated and meaningful and it inspires me to do my best for the business every single day and in every situation.