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Meet Stephanie Zeng

Name: Stephanie Zeng

Position: Supply Chain Manager

Employed since: 1st of September 2016

Country, you work in: China

Fun fact about yourself that is not work-related: I like to play the piano, do yoga, and read.

Your background

What have you done before joining PanzerGlass™?

I studied supply chain management in my bachelor's- and master's degree. I have been involved in the field of supply chain management since I graduated.

Stephanie Zeng, PanzerGlass

What are you/have you been passionate about?

I'm passionate about listening to all the suppliers in order to make sure the whole supply chain runs smoothly so that we can satisfy our customers.

Working at PanzerGlass™

How did you find out about PanzerGlass™?

I found PanzerGlass™ on Linkedin when I was looking for a job.

Why was the company attractive to you?

It’s very open here so we can speak out all our ideas whenever we want. More importantly, our voice is always heard.

It’s a company with cultural diversity. I have colleagues all around the world with different cultures and accents. Really international and fun. Also, I find most of the employees here are young, energetic and passionate. Every time I talk to them, I am enlightened, and I learn something new from them.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Supervising the delivery performance of package- and glass suppliers, and updating the status of the sales support team; Negotiating with suppliers (glass suppliers, warehouse suppliers, packages suppliers, logistics suppliers) about the price and lead time.

Solving all kinds of urgent cases raised by the sales support team and suppliers;

Taking care of projects related to new phones before and after the release, making good plans for capacity and demands.

Why do you love your job? What is the best part of it?

I feel the sense of achievement when I solve a tricky problem using my expertise and experience. And I feel this job needs me, and I also need this job.