Mobile World fair in Barcelona

For us, the GSMA in Barcelona was again a great show. It exceeded our wildest imagination. The interest was huge. We got a lot of good recommendations from the press – eg. we were in the 9:00 news on Irish national television.

 Here is some of the media coverage we received at the MWC 2014:

  • “Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your iPhone screen almost tank-strong”
  • “Vi misshandlar en Galaxy S4 med hammare för att testa danska Panzerglass”
  • “Protect Your Devices Like a Pro – Panzer Glass”
  • “VIDEO FOTO Panzer Glass – cum să loveşti ecranul cu ciocanul, iar acesta să reziste”
  • “Perché accontentarsi delle pellicole adesive quando si può avere… un vetro adesivo? È questa l’idea che ha spinto Panzer Glass a realizzare un video ultra resistente agli urti e alle cadute.”
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Hammer Smash Test (Panzer Glass)”
    UKMobileReview at
  • “once installed it becomes crystal-clear, and its key features include shock resistance, scratch-resistance and full support for touch displays”
  • “Стекло PanzerGlass способно выдержать достаточно сильные удары и должно полностью защитить дисплей смартфона.”
  • “PanzerGlass – это специальное защитное стекло, которое может спасти гаджет не только от случайных царапин, но и от последствий падений.”
  • “С PanzerGlass Ваш экран не разобьётся.”
  • “Want to smack your phone with a hammer? Better put a sheet of Panzerglass on it first to keep it from breaking.”
  • “Just in case I were ever to be tempted to take a hammer to my smartphone, however, it’s good to know that it wouldn’t matter; because PanzerGlass have demonstrated that you can do exactly that to their tempered glass screen protectors without breaking them.”
  • “What are you people doing with your phones? Extreme protection for devices from PanzerGlass #mwc14”
  • “Este cristal de protección de tu pantalla consta de varias laminas, la principal es una capa de vidrio templado de 0.4 mm de espesor de extraordinaria resistencia, que soporta incluso golpes de martillo, una protección genial para tu smartphone.”