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PanzerGlass: A Great Place To Work 2017

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Press release:

PanzerGlass’ culture of success has created one of Denmark’s best workplaces

PanzerGlass™, the Danish producer and seller of screen protection for mobile devices, is participating in the Great Place to Work survey for the first time, and are among the best workplaces in Denmark 2017

Head of Global HR Ditte Bak says: “This is yet another milestone for our organisation and we are really proud of it. This clearly states that our employees are dedicated and work hard to create a winning culture in our organisation. That is exactly what makes us the organisation we are today and one of the main drivers for our success”.

It is the first time that PanzerGlass™ is participating in the Great Place to Work survey and the battle of becoming one of Denmark’s best work places.

“PanzerGlass A/S has from the very beginning been working with 3 overall goals. The 3 goals are: to create a strong bottom line, create a strong brand and create the best work place. The 3 goals are closely connected – a strong bottom line ensures that we can create a strong brand and hereby also the best workplace. Hereby we can retain our skilled and dedicated employees and at the same time attract the best candidates for future positions. But it all comes down to a strong bottom line which must be there in order for us to succeed it the other goals (reach our goals). Luckily we have been able to create that which makes me really proud” says CEO and founder Jimmy Olsen. 

PanzerGlass A/S has grown from 1 to 60 employees in 4 years and the organisation is very diverse with more than 10 different nationalities employed. It is important to us that all our employees, no matter where in the world they are employed, feel as part of our organisation. Respect and unity across countries, cultures and religions is what makes us unique. The organisation faces many interesting challenges and growth opportunities globally in the future and we can only succeed if we have the right people onboard in our organisation.

Our employer brand is dependent on the perception our employees have of our organisation and how they communicate this in their network and through social media. We believe it is only possible to create a strong employer brand if you are sincere and trustworthy towards your employees. Therefore, it is crucial to have an organisation that consists of employees that are happy to go to work every day and happy to work in the organisation they are employed at. I am really proud of the recognition our employees have given PanzerGlass™ in this survey”, says Head of Global HR Ditte Bak.

The organisation is not going to rest on their laurels – there is still work to be done and our focus will be on the areas we can improve in order to create an even better result next year.

For more information, please contact:

Ditte Bak, Head of Global HR at PanzerGlass™ at diba@panzerglass.com / +4540964785


About PanzerGlass

PanzerGlass A/S is part of the family owned Juhl Bach Holding Group. The company was established in January 2013 by Jimmy Olsen. PanzerGlass produce and sell screen protection for mobile devices.

PanzerGlass A/S has 60 dedicated employees with more than 10 different nationalities covering 44 markets in the entire world. The company has sales offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Berlin and also a Supply Chain office in China. The headquarter is located in Søften close to Aarhus.

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