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Screen protection – when you need it

No matter what mobile device you purchase – whether it be an older tablet or a brand-new smartphone, like the new Samsung Galaxy S8, PanzerGlass is available from the get-go.

We here at PanzerGlass take pride in making sure our screen protection is available on the release day of all new mobile devices – helping you protect your new smartphone or tablet with quality screen protection, from the moment you leave the store.

Better safe than sorry…

When you purchase a new smartphone, it is not just another normal electronic device, you use occasionally. You invest in a valuable companion, which you bring with you everywhere and use for practically everything. So, when the screen breaks on e.g. a business trip while going over your presentation slides, while talking to a collaboration partner at the office or when playing an online game at home, it is a huge inconvenience, and it takes time to get it repaired.

Even if you are lucky to have a spare smartphone, it is still problematic to go without your primary smartphone, as you might not have access to all your telephone numbers, notes, messages, photos etc. due to difficult and time-consuming data transfer.

Therefore, we recommend you to think ahead and protect your mobile device from the moment you unbox it.

Keeps functionality intact

When you choose screen protection from PanzerGlass, you greatly reduce the risk of your mobile device’s screen breaking, thus eliminating any inconvenience caused by such.

At the same time, you do not compromise your device’s functionality. PanzerGlass does not affect touch screen sensitivity or visibility and it is easy to install due to the silicone adhesive. Also, it is scratch resistant and shock absorbent.

If you have a newer smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S8, you will find that our PanzerGlass Premium is a perfect match, as it features a full-frame-fit for devices with round edges – protecting the weakest points of the screen in the most optimal way possible.

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Screen protection for Samsung Galaxy S8