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PanzerGlass CamSlider

PanzerGlass Privacy CamSlider™

PanzerGlass CamSlider™ meets all your privacy needs in one high-performance product

PanzerGlass Privacy CamSlider™ is the World's first and only privacy screen protector with a built-in camera cover to give you all your privacy needs in one high performance product.

The screen protector protects your screen against shocks and scratches. The privacy layer lets you protect your privacy by taking control over when and to who you share the content of your screen. You can read more about our Privacy product and how it works here.

The CamSlider gives you control over your privacy in terms of controlling when and where your camera is opened. Simply slide left or right to block or open your camera.


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Privacy is relevant for both private persons and businesses

Being aware of your privacy online is relevant both for you as a private person, but also professionally to protect sensitive business information and data. Read more about our Privacy business solutions here.


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PanzerGlass Privacy CamSlider™