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PanzerGlass MacBook Dual Privacy Solutions

PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Solutions

PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Solutions protect your privacy and your creative ideas from falling into the wrong hands.  - Think about how often you use your MacBook in an open space. With PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Filter you and your ideas are protected. The screen is only visible when viewed from the front - not from the right or left, effectively shielding the content of the screen from bystanders and curious eyes.


Why to choose PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual PrivacYTM:

  • Privacy filter
    • Protect your privacy and ideas
  • Easy attachment with magnets
    • No adhesive
  • Built-in Webcam Cover
    • Simply slide left or right to block or open your webcam
  • Anti-glare coating
    • Allowing you to work in light spaces, even outside
  • Blue Light reduction
    • Privacy filter reduces blue light, which can affect your health

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