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PanzerGlass drives solid global growth through strategic partnerships

PanzerGlass drives solid global growth through strategic partnerships - Casper Aaen, COO, PanzerGlass

PanzerGlass, the world’s leading and the only global supplier of glass screen protectors, is growing in existing markets and launching into new markets and countries through strategic partnerships with the world’s biggest vendor brands, e.g. Samsung.

Casper Aaen, Executive Vice President (COO) of PanzerGlass, who is managing the strategic partnerships, describes the market and business advantages of partnering with the manufacturers of devices:

“We take a multi-layered strategic approach in our assessment of potential new partnerships. Why should we enter into a partnership? What will we get out of it? What do our customers get out of it? If the conditions are right, we will put all our efforts into establishing a partnership for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • First and foremost, our strategic alliances provide quick and direct access to a wide range of key competencies, e.g. product knowledge and market knowledge, which is critical to our time-to-market. In short: Being there with the best protectors the moment a new device hits the shops.
  • Secondly, partnerships – which are inherently based on confidentiality and an exchange of knowledge – help to ensure better product development and the best possible quality, thereby strengthening customer satisfaction.
  • Thirdly, we are working operationally to increase attach rates for our partner brands, i.e. sales of PanzerGlass protectors as a direct consequence of the sale of devices. The partnerships are part and parcel of everything we do. Looking, for example, at sales and marketing, the partnerships are evident from our packaging and visible in our communication as well as being communicated to our distributors. For end-users, it is a logo and a seal of approval on the packaging which they can use to navigate.

The market for screen protectors is awash with all manner of warranties, so rather than trying to outbid other players on the warranties, PanzerGlass is taking a different and more strategic approach. Through partnerships, we ensure that customers get the best and most innovative products the first time around.

Our BrandGlass™ with privacy is a good example. BrandGlass™ is the next generation of screen protectors, a new way of protecting your private life and displaying a personal affiliation with a sports star, a company, a fashion brand or an organisation whose values you identify with. On top of that, you get an unique protection of a very expensive product, such as a new Samsung. In addition to the biggest vendor brands of all, PanzerGlass has entered into unique partnerships with football star Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis star Caroline Wozniacki."

For more information, please contact:

Casper Aaen, Executive Vice President (COO) of PanzerGlass, at caaa@panzerglass.com and/or +4531163625.

For the full press release as a downloadable pdf, press here.

About PanzerGlass

In 2013, the Danish start-up from East Jutland launched its new and exclusive protectors for tablets as well as mobile phones. Today, PanzerGlass has 64 employees, is present in 30 different markets and is realising triple-digit growth rates.

PanzerGlass is part of the Juhl Bach Holding Group, one of the largest family-owned holding companies in Denmark. J.B. Holding specialises in venture operations and has an interesting portfolio of companies, ranging from start-ups to mature companies.