PanzerGlass wins award for best accessory

PanzerGlass just received the global DISTREE Diamond Award for
Best Tablet Accessory amongst more than 120 brands at this years DISTREE EMEA 2017 event PanzerGlass just received the DISTREE Diamond Award for best tablet accessory 2017in Monaco.

The DISTREE Diamond Awards serve as recognition for companies that offer a compelling channel proposition. Selected by channel partners, the DISTREE Diamond Awards are a hallmark of quality in terms of go-to-market strategy for brands that are selected to receive an award.

“Channel partners attending DISTREE EMEA 2017 spent three days meeting exhibitors, discussing business opportunities, learning more about their products, and assessing their plans for 2017 and beyond. These partners were then given the opportunity to recognize companies that they truly believe excel in a product category,” says Liam McSherry, Marketing Director for DISTREE Events.

PanzerGlass welcomes Award

The award is greatly appreciated at PanzerGlass, and CEO Jimmy Olsen is pleased with the recognition:

“We are very happy to receive this award and appreciate the attention it generates towards screen protection. Mobile devices already play a huge role in our modern and active everyday life, and this trend will only grow in the future – making it important to protect these devices in the best possible way. At PanzerGlass, we work hard to stay on top of the game and keep developing the best screen protection solutions imaginable,” he explains and continues:

“PanzerGlass helps people protect their smartphones and tablets for when everyday life happens – we provide ease-of-mind solutions for our consumers. And when our partners acknowledge this, it proves, that we are on the right path.”

PanzerGlass – the Product

PanzerGlass screen protection is based on tempered glass. The special tempering process creates a screen protector, that is 9 times stronger than normal glass and is both shock and scratch resistant, while also preserving 100% touch sensitivity.

PanzerGlass – the Company

PanzerGlass is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screen protection for mobile devices with employees worldwide and headquarters located in Hinnerup, Aarhus, Denmark. PanzerGlass is part of the Juhl Bach Holding Group, which is among the biggest family owned holding companies in Denmark. Read more on

Further information

Lene Bach, Marketing Director at PanzerGlass: Phone no.: +45 93 60 05 57 or

Liam McSherry, Marketing Director at DISTREE EMEA: Phone no.: +33 1 40 33 33 60 or

Read the full press release from DISTREE EMEA covering the Diamond Awards here.