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Danish start-up ready to conquer the world…


Press release:

Danish start-up ready to conquer the world with the best online and offline sports stars

PanzerGlass, one of the leading manufacturers of screen protection for smartphones and tablets, has entered two unique partnerships with the best sports performers within their fields – the world’s best football player Cristiano Ronaldo – and top ranked eSports team, Astralis. The ambition of the partnerships is to leverage the brand awareness of PanzerGlass in important communities with great engagement and huge numbers of committed fans and followers –  helping the Danish start-up company conquer new markets on their global journey.

The living football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, has agreed on a two-year co-branding contract, and the Danish Counterstrike GO powerhouse Astralis, has agreed on a one-year sponsorship deal with PanzerGlass.

Perfect PanzerGlass partnerships

“PanzerGlass is thrilled to be entering a partnership with one of the world’s biggest football players. There are many parallels between CR7 and PanzerGlass in terms of common values such as passion, quality, performance and dedication. Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo has a strong and impressive digital position and brand in online communities. As such, he is a great example of a celebrity and sports star, who continuously engages with his fans and followers in digital and mobile communities. Based on this strong presence and engagement, he is an obvious partner for PanzerGlass, who’s core business focus is smartphones,” Michael Brønd, Head of Global Marketing at PanzerGlass, says.

The opportunity to enter a partnership with some of the best online stars as well, makes for a perfect partnership composition. eSports in general is experiencing a tremendous growth, not only in terms of player numbers, but also as an entertainment product and a spectator sport.

“We see great opportunities in teaming up with Astralis and becoming a part of the eSports community. Astralis is among the best in the world at what they do – and we share the same spirit and ambition. On top of this match, both PanzerGlass and Astralis have strong Danish roots but operates on the global scene. Together with Astralis, we have worked hard to ensure that our joint activities – both in the analogue and the digital world – will appeal to the eSports audience and engage them in inventive and unconventional ways,” Michael Brønd ends.

New product will be launched

The two new global partnerships will result in new-to-market products. The launch of CR7 and Astralis customized PanzerGlass products will include a new logo glass for smartphones; a protection glass that includes either the CR7 brand or the Astralis brand on the front. The new product will subsequently be available for businesses and organizations, who wish to provide employees, members or others with their own customized branded mobile screen protection.

Increased brand awareness and new marketing channels

The ambition and hope is that the two new partnerships will increase the brand awareness and value of PanzerGlass. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Astralis have agreed to share posts on their social media channels about the new products and the partnership. This will naturally open up for new marketing channels to a huge number of fans and followers for PanzerGlass – and that is how the Danish start-up plans to conquer the global scene. In partnerships with the best offline and online sports stars.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Brønd, Head of Global Marketing at PanzerGlass: mibr@panzerglass.com  Phone: +45 30315527

Steen Bollerslev, General Manager at PanzerGlass Europe: stbo@panzerglass.com Phone: +45 21912912

Jimmy Olsen, CEO PanzerGlass: jiol@panzerglass.com Phone: +45 51182250

About PanzerGlass

In 2014, the Danish start-up company from Hinnerup launched its new premium protection products for both tablets and mobiles. Today, PanzerGlass employs 57 people, is present in 30 different markets and is experiencing three figured growth rates.

PanzerGlass is a part of the Juhl Bach Holding Group, which is among the biggest family-owned holding companies in Denmark. J.B. Holding specializes in corporate venture activities, and has an interesting portfolio of companies spanning from start-ups to mature companies.

For more information on the partnership between PanzerGlass and Cristiano Ronaldo, please visit: PanzerGlass.com/CristianoRonaldo

For the full press release in PDF-format, please click here.

Press photos

For Cristiano Ronaldo and/or Astralis press photos, please go to: PanzerGlass.com/marketing-materials/

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