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PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops

PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops

PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops is the obvious choice for anyone working on-the-go, handling sensitive information or simply working in an office environment. It is a simple and effective to safeguard your onscreen data.

How does PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops work?

No onlookers can view information from either the right or the left side of your screen. They only see a dark, unclear screen. Everything onscreen is only viewable when you are directly in front of your screen.

For people looking to cover all their security bases, privacy filters are also an extra layer of protection. Our privacy filter can help minimize the risks of overseen and stolen data. The privacy filter also features our patented webcam cover.


  • Lightweight portable privacy filter (only 65 grams)
    • Easy to bring everywhere
  • Privacy from all angles
    • When looked at from the side, the screen will be obscured and give the user the perfect privacy
    • Privacy angle is 60 degrees - this gives the best privacy solution on the job, on the go and in private settings
  • Patented webcam cover (slides in front of your webcam)
  • Easy attachment and detachment
  • Touch compatible
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Blue light reduction
  • Scratch resistant

Does it fit my laptop?

The PanzerGlass Privacy Filter fits the following laptops and a version for Apple MacBooks will soon follow:

  • Lenovo T400-series
  • Lenovo L400-series
  • Lenovo E400-series
  • Lenovo X1 Carbon
  • Lenovo X1 Yoga
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
  • Dell Latitude 5480 - 14"

It is extremely easy to apply and remove due to our patented hooks and will store easily by hooking it to the back of your screen.

Perfect for travelling and office work

The PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops allows you to work in public and in an office environment without having to worry about peeping eyes, as the privacy filter effectively renders the content of your screen practically invisible for bystanders.

PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops review (in German)

PanzerGlassPrivacy Filter for laptops has just received 5 out of 5 stars on the renowned German review site HifiTest.de, where it is being praised for its privacy function, ease of use and excellent quality. Find the full review and read the final verdict of PanzerGlass Privacy Filter for laptops at HifiTest.de here.

Where to buy PanzerGlass Privacy filter for laptops?

For business enquiries, please contact btb@panzerglass.com. Otherwise, please reach out to us at info@panzerglass.com.

US-based customers can purchase our PC Privacy Filter for Lenovo Yoga X1 on Amazon here.