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PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protectors

PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protectors

Protect your privacy!

Keep your login credentials, payroll information and other sensitive data about you, your employees etc. private with PanzerGlass Privacy products. Prevent visual hackers from stealing glances at your screen while providing a crystal clear viewing experience for intended users.

With a PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protector you don't have to worry about working on the go or using your phone in public places; PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protectors feature a privacy filter, that renders the content of your display almost invisible to everyone except you.

Naturally, a PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protector features the same core benefits as the original PanzerGlass™ screen protector, so you will still have superior shock and scratch resistance, 100% touch preservation and a clear screen when using your device.

Our privacy filter is available for PanzerGlass™ Standard Fit, Curved Edges and Edge-to-Edge products, tablets and laptops.

Caroline Wozniacki Privacy screen protectors
Protect your phone and your privacy like Caroline Wozniacki

How does PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protectors work?

With a PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protector fitted on your phone or tablet, you don't have to worry about peeping eyes when using your device. Our Privacy filter shields the content of your screen from everyone except you, leaving it practically invisible. This lets you use your device worry-free when in close vicinity to other people.

Screen privacy filters are an easy way to keep snooping eyes from seeing what’s on your laptop monitor or phone or tablet display. If you’ve ever had vertical blinds in your home, you know that you need to look at them at a certain angle to see through them - the same applies to PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors, but on a much smaller scale.

Privacy screen protectors have a filter that allows the light to pass through straight on, but not from the sides. This enables you to see what is on your screen, but rendering your display practically invisible to people next to you, which is practical when using your laptop, smartphone or tablet in public places or in office environments. In other words: You get to choose what to share and what not to.

This is also especially useful if you are handling essential documents, emails e.g., working on public transportation or just want to browse your device privately.

PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protector Details

PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors effectively "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle while providing you with an excellent viewing experience. Its anti-glare coating helps to reduce reflections, so you see your screen more clearly - even when working outside. Our different screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and laptops are easy to attach, remove and clean and add an extra layer of protection against daily wear and tear, and are designed to fit seamlessly with the intended device.

Blue light reduction and anti-glare coating

PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors also feature blue light reduction. Blue light can affect your sleep negatively and disrupt your circadian rhythm, which is why exposure to blue light at night should be decreased (blue light inhibits the release of sleep hormones, causing us to become more awake). Because PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your device, the effect of blue light decreases. Meaning that using your phone or tablet at night won't disrupt your sleep as much with PanzerGlass Privacy as with standard screen protectors.

We have coated our Privacy screen protectors with an anti-glare coating making it easier for you to view the content of your screen - even when the sun is shining. This, however, means, that the screen will be slightly darker when fitted with a PanzerGlass Privacy screen protector.

Benefits of using PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors

Besides having our Privacy filter, PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors have the same core features as an original PanzerGlass™ including:

  • Shock resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • 100% touch preservation
  • Full frame coverage (selected phones only)
  • Available for selected smartphones, tablets and laptops

PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors for business use

Privacy screen protectors are the obvious choice for any company looking to protect company phones (by avoiding costly repairs due to broken screens) and to make sure confidential files do not fall into the hands of the wrong people because of incautious employees Contact us or go to our B2B Privacy page to find out more about PanzerGlass Privacy screen protector solutions for your company.