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MacBook Dual Privacy Filter

Protect the sensitive and confidential information on your MacBook with PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Filter.

PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Filter screen protector features a confidentiality filter which renders the content of the display almost invisible to everyone except the user of the MacBook.
The PanzerGlass™ Privacy filter for MacBooks represents Dual Privacy™, with a built in Webcam Cover. Simply slide left or right to open or close the webcam.

The PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Filter is easily attached with magnets – no adhesive.

Core features
• Original PanzerGlass™ superior protection for your MacBook
• Confidentiality filter
• Easy attachment with magnets – no adhesive
• Webcam Cover with slider
• Edge- to edge – both screen and frame is protected
• Anti-glare coating (reduces light reflection)
• Blue light reduction

PanzerGlass™ MacBook Dual Privacy™ Filter is part of PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions covering privacy solutions for tablets, PCs, smartphones and MacBooks. You can read more about PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions here.

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