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PanzerGlass™ HP Elite X2 screen protector and case


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SKU: B3882+0229

The ultimate protection for HP Elite x2 G4. This bundle edition ensures 360 PanzerGlass™ protection with a PanzerGlass™ Screen protector and build-in stand for laptop mode made for the HP Elite x2 G4. The screen protector is made of flat tempered glass and covers the entire front surface of the device. The glass features full silicone adhesive which is carefully optimised to match the screen and device perfectly whilst saving perfect touch sensitivity and still delivering the superior PanzerGlass™ strength.

The back of the HP Elite x2 G4 is protected by a slim transparent case with a black TPU frame. The case is 100% compatible with the PanzerGlass™ screen protector. The case for HP Elite x2 G4 is compatible with the keyboard, and has a built-in stand for laptop mode. It also has a pen holder, to store the pen securely when not in use. The case comes with a rotatable handle on the back so that the user can easily change the direction of the HP Elite x2 G4.




  • Full frame coverage
  • Crystal clear
  • 100% touch preservation 
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Compatible with keyboard
  • Built-in stand for laptop mode
  • Secure storage of the pen
  • Double tempered and double polished PanzerGlass™

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