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PanzerGlass™ Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

€14,95 €29,95

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SKU: 7233

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with PanzerGlass

PanzerGlass for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip protects the screen's entire surface against scratches. The screen protector is made from an ultra-thin and flexible TPU material that has been durability tested, allowing you to open and close the phone again and again and again.     

PanzerGlass ensures full functionality of your Samsung phone including 100% touch functionality, and the selected material ensures a completely smooth screen surface. PanzerGlass adheres with the help of silicone, which allows for easy and quick installation. 



  • Protects against scratches 
  • 100% touch and full phone functionality 
  • Durability tested 
  • With silicone for better adhesion 
  • An installation squeegee is included in the package to ensure easy and quick installation 

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