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PanzerGlass™ Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - TPU- Film


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SKU: 7261

PanzerGlass™ for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra protects the screen's entire surface against scratches. The screen protector is made from an ultra-thin and flexible TPU material that has been durability tested. At the same time, this glass is resistant to bacteria, as an antibacterial coating has been applied to the glass. This antibacterial coating helps you as a user to be protected against bacteria and dirt, as our antibacterial glass kills bacteria and removes other dirt that may get on the glass. 

PanzerGlass™ ensures full functionality of your Samsung phone including 100% touch functionality, and the selected material ensures a completely smooth screen surface. PanzerGlass™ adheres with the help of silicone, which allows for easy and quick installation. 


  • Self-healing TPU material 
  • Durability Tested 
  • Flip it, fold it, flex it 
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Full silicone adhesive 
  • Full functionality 

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