Samsung Galaxy S7 screen protection

PanzerGlass Premium Samsung Galaxy S7 Black screen protection

Available start Q2 2016, the PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen protection marks the next quantum leap in screen protection. Available in gold, silver and black, while being precision-engineered to complement and protect the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without ever interfering with the design or user experience, the PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen protection ensures a smooth user experience and maximum protection.

The latest addition to the rapidly growing PanzerGlass offering features the same characteristics as the products, that propelled PanzerGlass to the top of the industry: Impact resistance of up to 6 joules, anti-scratch while maintaining a natural touch-and-feel coupled with an oleophobic, anti-bacterial coating for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.

“We always aim to be first movers,” comments Jimmy Olsen, PanzerGlass CEO and continues:

“And with a launch as eagerly anticipated as the Samsung S7 edge we knew, we needed to up our game and come out with a curved edge protection screen that delivers on PanzerGlass quality while adhering to the Samsung design. I am thrilled to announce, we pulled it off and again prove to our business partners and end-users, that they can trust us to bring innovative products to market first.”

“It’s truly a testament to our dedication towards being first-movers,” adds Sam Lu, PanzerGlass product manager.

“From the curved technology that provides full coverage of your device to the perfect blend of glass thickness and impact resistance and incredible scratch resistance, PanzerGlass Samsung S7 Edge screen protection sets a new industry standard.