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PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protector



Samsung Galaxy S9 - Uninterrupted display

One of the first to get the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+? Be one of the first to take proper care of it with a screen protector from PanzerGlass - made to fit the new Samsung Galaxy S9 perfectly. The new Samsung Galaxy S9-series features a beautiful edge-to-edge screen, that is near bezel-less and curves over the sides. But with an almost boundless screen and expanded viewable area, the screen becomes more prone to breakage. A 2015 Motorola survey concluded, that 50% of people globally have experienced a cracked screen, and the risks might grow along with the screen size.

Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protector from PanzerGlass™ - A perfect fit

Fortunately, we are ready with a solution for you: The new PanzerGlass™ Super+glass screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ provide full frontal coverage - including the curved edges. PanzerGlass™ features shock and scratch resistance, absorbing shocks and bumps instead of your phone, as well as an oleophobic layer, that reduces the amount of fingerprint and smudge marks left on your screen. PanzerGlass™ Super+glass screen protectors are made from alumino-silicate glass with a high alkali level*. Aside from the alkali level, we optimise the strength of the glass during the production process by cutting the glass slower as well as replacing our CNC cutting heads more often than most.

Our Super+glass screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been double-tempered, which further increases the strength of the screen protector compared to soda-lime or soda-lime-silica glass protectors or screen protectors, that do not undergo the same tempering process as PanzerGlass™. Both screen protectors are case friendly, allowing you to protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 with a case and they feature a coloured frame to match the front of the phone. *The high alkali content prepares the glass for ion exchange with bigger alkali ions to improve the surface compressive strength. Improved hardness and scratch resistance characterise this type of glass, making it especially suitable for use in, e.g. as screen protectors.

Uninterrupted Samsung experience

With PanzerGlass™ screen protectors you are still able to use features like Intelligent Scan and AR emojis, and you do not have to worry about a loss of touch sensitivity - you will experience no loss of sensitivity what-so-ever. Besides from the extra layer of protection, PanzerGlass™ is hardly noticeable, and the Samsung experience will remain the same - and stay that way.

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 from the start

Grab a PanzerGlass™ for your new Samsung Galaxy S9 - we are ready on the day of release. See the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protector and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ screen protector from PanzerGlass™.

Find it at your local retailer or online. If you are having a hard time locating a retailer near you, feel free to contact us at, and we will try to help you.