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For an international sales career

Become part of our newly established PanzerGlass Graduate Programme UPGRADE.

Embark on a journey where no two days are the same while you upgrade your professional sales skills and travel the world.

You will explore, experience, develop and excel in an international environment - create an international career with endless opportunities

Working in PanzerGlass’ international sales organisation, you will be part of the engine that drives PanzerGlass forward and ensuring we reach our strategic targets.


and gain invaluable sales experience

When you become part of the PanzerGlass UPGRADE Graduate Programme you will join a fast moving, international, sales company. You will work some of the strongest sales profiles within our industry and develop and upgrade your sales skills and international profile. We have a dedicated, team located around the world characterised by our fast decision-making processes and opportunity driven attitude.

When joining PanzerGlass Graduate Programme UPGRADE we will nurture your talent for becoming the number one salesperson, learn you how to be a high-performer in a global sales company and how to overcome obstacles.


  • Plan, book and conduct sales meetings with current and potential customers around the world
  • Develop and maintain stakeholder and sales relationships
  • Conduct customer care
  • Build and maintain strategic sales partnerships
  • Participation in sales fairs around the world
  • Develop and implement sales strategies


  • Please follow this link and you can read the job posting and you can also find the bottom APPLY and hereby send your motivated application together with your CV and exam papers – we look forward to hearing from you

If you want to learn more about the programme, PanzerGlass or the likes our Head of Global HR Ditte Bak is ready to help you:


  • Application deadline is primo April 2018
  • The programme starts in September 2018 and you will be an UPGRADE Graduate for 24 months
  • You will have 3 main rotations during your programme: sales in three different regions e.g Dubai (UAE), Europe, APAC, Australia, Nordics, South Africa etc. each of these rotations will last for six months
  • One of the four rotations will be split into two. Three months in Supply Chain in China and three months in Customer Care in Denmark
  • After finalising the programme you can expect a sales position within our sales organisation

Upgrade PanzerGlass Graduate Programme Landingpage Process


When starting the programme we will have a KICKOFF.

The PanzerGlass Graduates and the management will spend some days together. The purpose is to introduce you to PanzerGlass, our history, our organisation, our product, our strategy, our corporate values and of course the Graduate Programme UPGRADE. The introduction days will also ensure that you meet your fellow Graduates and that you from the beginning create s strong relationship.


This is your opportunity to choose a real-life case that could create value for PanzerGlass.

You will dig into to the problem/challenge and present your findings to relevant internal stakeholders and receive feedback- With this challenge you will gain in-depth knowledge about a specific subject, customer, sales opportunity etc. within our business and the markets we operate in.


Now it is time to work together as a group and use your academic skills and the acquired skills from your programme.

The Graduate group will receive a real-life challenge and are to work together to solve this. The finding and process should be presented to the Management group and will mark the completion of the UPGRADE Graduate Programme.


During the programme, you will also be part of different social activities across regions.

This will help you learn more about the different cultures you will work in and with.

“We will nurture your talent for becoming the number one sales person and learn you how to be a high-performer in a global sales company” Steen Bollerslev, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing