The warranty covers manufacturing defects only, and entitles the holder to a PanzerGlass replacement.


PanzerGlass is nine times stronger than standard glass, and is constructed in order to protect your smartphone and tablet screen against daily wear and scratches.


PanzerGlass is minimum 0.4 mm thick, so it is not unbreakable, but in most daily cases it will protect the screen on your phone or tablet from unfortunate incidents – even from a drop at breast height to a stone floor (iPhone test video documentation. Note: do not attempt this kind of tests yourself, because precision engineering inside the phone/device is at risk of breaking). If the PanzerGlass breaks, it is most likely because it has absorbed a severe impact and thereby protected the mobile device from damage, which will save you much time and repair costs – just replace the PanzerGlass in seconds.


No guarantee is provided for damages that are inflicted on the PanzerGlass or the telephone/tablet.


If you have a request concerning malfunctioning products, please contact our Customer Care Team