Our mobile devices play a large role in all of our lives.

PanzerGlassTM wants to help protect devices from when life happens. 


The size of the screens on mobile devices is increasing, and so does the need for good screen protection. Read more on why to use a screen protector here.

At PanzerGlass we are continuously focusing on being innovative and deliver new and relevant screen protection and cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops and watches. Learn more about our latest innovations in the below, or see all our products here

PanzerGlass Privacy Solutions

Consciousness about digital privacy, hacking and unauthorised use of data is on the rise. Our PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions are a range of screen protectors which help users protect the content of their screen on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Whether it be for private or work use, PanzerGlassTM Privacy Solutions help you shield the content of your screen from curious eyes.

Our Privacy filters can also feature the CamSlider™, where you can block or open the front camera as you want.  Go to our PanzerGlass™ CamSlider page for more information.

PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM

Now you can get back protection in PanzerGlassTM quality. Made in glass so you can still enjoy the beautiful design, you have paid for.

100% compatible with PanzerGlassTM screen protectors, providing 360 degrees protection, and with full access to all functions. Read more about ClearCaseTM here. 


PanzerGlass ClearCase for Apple iPhone XR
PanzerGlass Brandglass

BrandGlassTM screen protectors

On our BrandGlassTM a logo is imprinted in the glass. The logo is visible when the device is off, and invisible when on. A BrandGlassTM with your company logo provides protection of devices and at the same time engaging employees as brand ambassadors. For more info go to our BrandGlassTM for businesses page.

With our current range of BrandGlassTM you can show your support to various sports teams and personalities: Cristiano Ronaldo BrandGlass™, Astralis BrandGlass™, and Caroline Wozniacki BrandGlass™


PanzerGlass for businesses

We provide screen protection solutions for both end-consumers and businesses. If you and your business is interested in a solution, go visit B2B Solutions page here.