PanzerGlass™ is much more than just a screen protector. As one of the leading screen protector brands in the market - providing screen protectors for a vast variety of smartphones, tablets and Apple Watches - we are passionate about protecting your device. Our product range covers PanzerGlass™ Standard Fit,  PanzerGlass™ Edge-to-Edge and, PanzerGlass™ Curved glass, PanzerGlass™ Super+ glass and PanzerGlass™ PET film. On top of that, there are BrandGlass™ screen protectors - the perfect opportunity to personalise your smartphone or tablet -  and PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protectors - a screen protector that protects the content of your screen from curious eyes.

PanzerGlass for businesses

We provide screen protectors for mobile devices to both end-consumers and businesses. If you have a screen, we can create a screen protector for it - we can cover practically every thinkable situation.

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PanzerGlass Privacy

Our PanzerGlass™ Privacy range of screen protectors helps users protect the content of their screen - no matter if it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether it be for private or work use, our privacy filters help you shield the content of your screen from curious eyes. Go to our PanzerGlass™ Privacy page for more information or contact us at

BrandGlass screen protectors

Are you looking to support your favourite soccer team? Or maybe your favourite tennis player? Or are you a business looking to protect company smartphones, laptops and tablets while branding them with the company logo? Our BrandGlass™ screen protectors feature a logo of your choice, enabling you to protect your phone while engaging employees as brand ambassadors. For more info go to our BrandGlass page or contact us at

For end-consumers, we are working together with athletes such as Caroline Wozniacki and Cristiano Ronaldo, to offer you several different BrandGlass™ products. Have a look at our Cristiano Ronaldo BrandGlass™, our Astralis BrandGlass™, or our Caroline Wozniacki Privacy BrandGlass™.

PanzerGlass Privacy CARO screen protectors incl. CARO signature leather case (Yellow) for Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8