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iPhone 12 cases

iPhone 12 cases

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PanzerGlass® ClearCase Apple iPhone 12 | 12 Pro | Black

PanzerGlass® ClearCase Apple iPhone 12 | 12 Pro | Black

PanzerGlass® - ClearCase™


PanzerGlass® HardCase Apple iPhone 12 | 12 Pro

PanzerGlass® HardCase Apple iPhone 12 | 12 Pro

PanzerGlass® - HardCase


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Why use a mobile cover for the iPhone 12?

We use our phones a lot - and we drop and knock them every now and then. This increases the risk of damage and expensive repairs. To avoid this, we recommend that you use a mobile cover for your iPhone 12. A cover protects the phone from scratches, scuffs, and damage on the back and edges. If you already protect your iPhone 12 with screen protection, it makes sense to also protect the edges and sides with a cover in order to get 360° protection.


PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM  are strong covers for the iPhone 12 models

At PanzerGlassTM, we work every day to protect mobile devices such as the iPhone 12. We protect screens with our strong screen protection, and with the ClearCaseTM cover, the rest of the phone is protected too. Our iPhone 12 covers are made from PanzerGlassTM and are therefore very strong. This means that our covers are also transparent, so that the phone can still be seen through the cover and you can continue to enjoy the beautiful iPhone 12 design. We think it's unfortunate that so many of the covers on the market are so large and that some have an imperfect design, so that the phone almost completely disappears into the cover. With PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM covers for the iPhone 12, you get both protection and the opportunity to enjoy the phone's beautiful design.

The ClearCaseTM cover for the iPhone 12 is the perfect match for the PanzerGlassTM screen protector for iPhone 12 models. The two products fit together perfectly, so you do not risk the cover pressing on the screen protector, and the screen protector coming loose or falling off. Our screen protector and cover fit perfectly together, so there is room for both at the same time, ensuring complete PanzerGlassTM protection of your iPhone 12.


Our cover for the iPhone 12 is available in two models. One model is completely transparent, so you can enjoy the phone's full design. The second model is called the Black Edition, which has a black edge. The back is still made of transparent PanzerGlassTM, but the edge is black and is elevated at the corners and cameras, ensuring increased protection.

Something both models for the iPhone 12 have in common, is the well-known PanzerGlassTM protection, and if you also choose a screen protector from PanzerGlassTM, you'll be protecting your iPhone 12 with some of the world's strongest protection!