PanzerGlass® Re:fresh Screen Protector iPhone 15 | Ultra-Wide Fit w. EasyAligner

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Product features

  • 3x better scratch resistance 3x better scratch resistance
  • FSC™-certified packaging FSC™-certified packaging
  • Made of 45% trash Made of 45% trash
  • Ultra-Wide Fit Ultra-Wide Fit

Product description

Want less waste? And more screen protection? The brand-new Re:fresh screen protector from PanzerGlass® is made of 45% certified trash and will keep your screen safe from accidental bumps against sharp-edged dangers, crushing falls onto stone-hard pavements and other hazards of everyday life. The scratch, shock and drop-resistant screen protector even has a smudge-free coating that reduces traces of fingerprints and grease to give you a clear screen view. And like all our products, it comes in a box made of recyclable FSC™-certified paper.

Prolonging the lifetime of our devices, thereby postponing the need to produce new ones, is one way of working toward a more sustainable future. Another is to protect the world’s wildlife and reduce plastic waste in nature. To this end, PanzerGlass® has teamed up with non-profit organization The Perfect World Foundation to support “Project Ocean”. For each Re:fresh sold, PanzerGlass® will make a donation to the project, dedicated to protecting marine life, for instance by reducing the amount of plastic and ghost nets that end up in our oceans.

The screen protector comes with an EasyAligner that makes installation a piece of cake (seriously!), and to make it even easier, we’ve included step-by-step instructions as well as a QR code for quick access to our online how-to video. And remember: Once the screen protection is applied, you’ll never again fear the sight of your phone tumbling to the ground screen first. This may not happen, but if it does, you’ll regret not having clicked “add to cart”.

The screen protector is Ultra-Wide Fit, meaning it covers the front surface of your phone, providing a complete and crystal-clear view of your screen, while still leaving a little room around the edges for a PanzerGlass® case. If you want 360-degree phone protection, combine the screen protector and case with a PanzerGlass® PicturePerfect camera lens protector.

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This product fits the following models:

  • Apple iPhone 15


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  • Barcode: 5711724028212

Product features

Out products are state of the art.
We work around the clock to keep your device safe

  • 3x better scratch resistance

    3x better scratch resistance

    With triple the scratch resistance compared to our iPhone 14 version, this screen protector keeps your phone safer than ever before.

  • FSC™-certified packaging

    FSC™-certified packaging

    Comes in a box made of recyclable FSC™-certified paper.

  • Made of 45% trash

    Made of 45% trash

    Using more sustainable materials is one way of working toward a more sustainable future – this screen protector is made of 45% certified trash.

  • Ultra-Wide Fit

    Ultra-Wide Fit

    Covers the entire front surface of your device to provide a complete and clear view of your screen, while still leaving room for a case.

  • Drop protection

    Drop protection

    Protects against crushing falls onto stone-hard pavements, unforgiving bathroom floors, and other device-smashing surfaces.

  • Shock resistant

    Shock resistant

    Keeps your device safe from your everyday fumbling, dropping and screen cracking.

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

    So easy to install you can do it even if you’re all thumbs.

  • Longer lifespan

    Longer lifespan

    Extends the lifetime of your device, enabling you to enjoy it longer and give it to others when you no longer need it yourself.

  • 100% touch sensitivity

    100% touch sensitivity

    Feels like the original screen with 100% touch sensitivity.

  • Incl. EasyAligner

    Incl. EasyAligner

    Comes with an EasyAligner that makes installation so simple you can do it perfectly even if you’re all thumbs.

  • Anti-yellowing


    Designed specifically to prevent yellowing, even after long time use.

  • Diamond strength - strongest

    Diamond strength - strongest

    Diamond strength is a device’s best friend – and our absolute strongest screen protection glass.

  • Crystal-clear view

    Crystal-clear view

    So clear that you might not even notice it's there, well, not until your device tumbles to the ground and your screen doesn't crack.

  • Fingerprint resistant

    Fingerprint resistant

    Repels oil and water, reducing traces of fingerprints as well as dirt, disinfectant gel and hand lotion.

  • Original screen protector

    Original screen protector

    What’s the difference between the original PanzerGlass™ screen protector and other screen protectors? Try dropping your phone and you’ll find out.

  • Case friendly

    Case friendly

    Keeps your screen safe while still leaving room for a protective case.

  • The Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

    The Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

    GRS is an international product standard that defines requirements for recycled materials in terms of e.g. traceability, chemical content and environmental impact.