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iPhone 12 screen protection

iPhone 12 screen protection

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Protect and extend the life of your iPhone 12 with screen protection

You've chosen an iPhone 12 because you want to use it - for everything we use a smartphone for: calls, staying in contact with friends and family via SoMe, taking photos, online banking etc. During most people's everyday lives, our smartphone provides a wealth of functions, and this means that we often have our phone in our hand. We all know how it is - one unfortunate bump or jolt can be enough for the phone to fall out of your hand and for you to hold your breath for a moment, as you turn the phone over to see if the screen has been damaged or not...

The screens on our phones today are made from a strong material. However, this is not always enough and, as increased use of your iPhone 12 increases the risk of dropping it and knocks, it makes sense to protect your iPhone 12 with screen protection. With screen protection, you protect the original screen from damage, and protect yourself from the annoying time and cost associated with having to have your iPhone 12 screen repaired or replaced completely.


Our strongest PanzerGlassTM yet is available for the iPhone 12!

PanzerGlassTM is one of the world's most powerful screen protectors for smartphones, laptops, watches, etc. - and our range for the iPhone 12 is certainly no exception. For iPhone 12 models, we have developed our strongest screen protection yet! This means that your iPhone 12 is extra well protected against bumps, knocks and scratches - so you're better protected from having to live with a broken screen or paying for a new one.

In addition to offering our strongest screen protection for the iPhone 12, we have also expanded the range, as we really want to help protect you in your everyday life too.

To protect your data from the prying eyes of others, we recommend that you choose screen protection for the iPhone 12 with a privacy filter. This model protects both the screen and you, as the privacy filter ensures that only you can see the screen. People next to you can only see a dark screen, and you can continue working, surfing the internet, or communicating in peace.

Do you want to choose where and when the front camera is open? Then choose screen protection with CamSliderTM. The CamSliderTM is built into the PanzerGlassTM  screen protector and by sliding it to the right or left, you control when the camera is open and shut. CamSliderTM for the iPhone 12 is also available in an exclusive version with a Swarovski® crystal.  

For the iPhone 12, the range of PanzerGlassTM screen protectors also includes a model with an antibacterial effect. This means that in addition to its other protective features, PanzerGlass' ensures that 99.9% of the bacteria on your iPhone 12 screen protector die within 24 hours. Since not everyone might be so good at cleaning their iPhone 12 regularly, this antibacterial effect provides extra security for you. If you want to clean your iPhone 12 further, we recommend using the screen cleaner Spray regularly.

It can be difficult to see the screen on the iPhone 12 if you use it under bright light or outside. To remedy this, we have developed an anti-glare screen protector for the iPhone 12. Anti-glare means less glare on the screen from e.g. the sun, and it makes the screen significantly easier to see for you as a user.

Screen protection for the iPhone 12 is also available with an anti-blue light function. This means that your eyes are exposed to less blue light when you use your smartphone, which can help to protect you.

Don't forget a cover for your iPhone 12

To protect the back and edges of the phone, you should also use an iPhone cover. You probably chose an iPhone 12 because you think it looks good. It has a beautiful design and beautiful colors, and you've chosen the one you prefer. For this reason, we feel it would be a shame to wrap the iPhone 12 in a solid cover in order to protect it. That is why we have designed a transparent iPhone 12 cover. Our ClearCaseTM cover for the iPhone 12 is made from PanzerGlassTM, and the edges and back are therefore guaranteed the well-known PanzerGlassTM protection. At the same time, the cover is transparent, so you can continue to enjoy the beautiful design. As with the screen protection, an anti-bacterial layer is also embedded in the glass so that you are also protected against bacteria on the back.

With our many products for iPhone 12 models, PanzerGlassTM  helps protect both your iPhone 12 and yourself. The installation of all our products is very simple, and easy to take care of yourself. To help you get started, an installation guide is included in the box, and you can find lots of video guides here.

If you experience challenges or have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer support.