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Screen protection for smartphones

Screen protection for smartphones

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Why do I need a screen protector for my smartphone?

When buying a new phone, it’s important to think about how you can take good care of it. The answer is high-quality screen protection and a sturdy mobile phone case


The function of a screen protector can be compared to a bicycle helmet or an airbag – in the event of an accident, the screen protector will protect the phone screen so that it doesn’t get damaged. Instead, the screen protector will absorb the force of the impact and the original screen will remain intact. This saves you from spending time or money repairing the phone screen in the event of any damage. And if we’re honest, we can all admit to dropping or jolting our phones every now and then. This can hardly be avoided when we use our phones several times a day, every day. At the same time, the price of new phones is on the rise and, for most of us, buying a new phone constitutes a significant expense. Make sure your phone lasts as long as possible – take good care of it with a screen protector.



The screen protector is installed directly on top of your phone screen, and the special silicone layer will adhere effectively to the screen, so you can rest assured that the screen protector is firmly attached. The touch function will remain fully operational, meaning you can use the phone exactly as before.

Our screen protectors for smartphones are adapted to each individual phone model, so that all speakers, sensors, outputs, etc., are fully functional once you have installed the screen protector.

Every day, we work at providing the best protection for the screens of all our devices. And we also want to help take care of you, by offering screen protection for your phone that provides extra layers of protection: For example, you can choose screen protection for your phone with a special privacy layer. In addition to protecting the screen, this also also protects your private life, as the privacy layer ensures that only the person sitting directly in front of the screen can see it clearly. The person next to you can only see a dark screen. This way, you are protected from the prying eyes of others on the bus, train, at cafes or at conferences. You also have the option of protecting yourself and your phone with screen protection featuring a CamSliderTM. A CamSliderTM  gives you control over the front camera and is built into the screen protector. By moving the CamSliderTM  to either the right or left, you will open or block the camera so that you are the one in control.

Screen protection for smartphones is also available with a number of other additional features, such as an antibacterial layer so that bacteria cannot survive on the glass, anti-glare to reduce glare on the screen, and anti-blue light if you want to reduce the amount of blue light affecting your eyes. See our full range of smartphone screen protectors on this page.