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CR7 customised PanzerGlass™ products


Our global partnership entails the launch of unique new-to-market products - CR7 customised PanzerGlass™.


The screen protector will have the CR7 logo imprinted onto the PanzerGlass™, but it will only be visible when your phone is turned off – as you can see on the image. This lets you make a statement by showcasing your fan support for Cristiano Ronaldo, and at the same time maintain the well-known intact and undisturbed usability of your phone which PanzerGlass™ ensures while protecting your phone.


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Cristiano Ronaldo x PanzerGlass™


The backbone of the partnership is a mutual respect and a natural understanding for the aim of being the best at what we do respectively; Cristiano Ronaldo, the living legend, ruling the world of football - and PanzerGlass™, a leading player within the ever-evolving mobile world of screen protection.


Passion, quality, performance and dedication are simply some of the mutual values the collaboration is built upon.


With our partnership, Cristiano Ronaldo expands his venture into a new line of business, adding yet another branch to his brand.


For PanzerGlass™, the partnership will increase brand awareness by reaching the huge community supporting Cristiano Ronaldo both in the online and analogue world - and thereby help conquer new markets as well as open new doors in existing markets.

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