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Do you really need a screen protector for your smartphone or tablet?

There is no doubt about it: Smartphones are expensive and hard to live without. In the last couple of years, screen sizes have been growing steadily, further increasing the risk of suffering from a broken screen. And let's face it: You wouldn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone or tablet and end up with a scratched or - even worse - a broken screen, now would you? But do you really need a screen protector for your smartphone or tablet?

A lot of people purchase a screen protector to protect their smartphone, which we believe is a good idea - and here's why.

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We all know that moment...

What is a screen protector?

Screen protectors come in all shapes and sizes; some are made of a thin layer of plastic or foil while others (like, e.g. PanzerGlass™) is made from real glass that has undergone a special tempering process, strengthening the glass. Some manufacturers make generic screen protectors, that is not cut out to fit the exact shape of the device, while others produce several variations for the same phone or tablet model (e.g. our Standard Fit, Edge-to-Edge and Curved Edges models).

To apply a screen protector, you usually clean your device with a wet wipe and a cloth of some sort (see our installation guides here) and then attach the screen protector to the smartphone or tablet. The screen protector needs to be positioned properly, so it fits the device, and you need to make sure that there are no impurities on the screen, as it will generate air bubbles under the protector (PanzerGlass™ can usually be removed and re-attached).

The final result is a device with a glass screen protector, that is often hardly visible and will absorb shocks and scratches instead of the phone screen itself. Should it break, it is easier to remove the screen protector compared to replacing the phone screen.

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PanzerGlass screen protectors are available for almost every device.

But what about gorilla glass?

Most modern devices use Corning's Gorilla Glass for the screen. And while it is true, that Gorilla Glass is a toughened, hard glass with some scratch resistance and protects your phone to some degree, we would still recommend using a screen protector like PanzerGlass™ for a couple of reasons.

PanzerGlass™ (and screen protectors in general) works a bit like an airbag or a bike helmet; they will absorb the shock from an impact, but they don't protect against everything. If an impact is great enough, it will break both your screen protector and your device's screen, unfortunately. But you're still better protected with a screen protector fitted than without one.

And to get back to the argument of only relying on your device's Gorilla Glass: In a car or bike crash, your bones will protect your organs to some degree - but you are better off with an airbag or a bike helmet than without.

Also, your phone is somewhat prone to scratches because you use it everywhere, every day. It is placed in your pocket or handbag together with keys, jewellery etc. It might just get scratched by some sand in your pocket. It might not happen - but using a screen protector ensures, that you don't need to replace the screen due to scratches developing over time.

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A phone's resell value will depend a lot on its condition.

Does a screen protector change the experience of my phone or tablet?

It depends on the screen protector you choose. PanzerGlass™ preserves 100% touch sensitivity and is crystal clear, meaning that the experience of using of your phone's/tablet's touch screen is unchanged (unless you choose a PanzerGlass™ Privacy screen protector, which will darken your screen due to the privacy filter), so your experience is unchanged.

Should you ever experience, that your phone is unresponsive or similar after installing your PanzerGlass, please go to our RMA & Warranty page.

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PanzerGlass Privacy is the obvious choice if you want to keep the content of your screen private, but it will darken your screen slightly.

So, do you need a screen protector for your smartphone or tablet?

It depends entirely on you. A screen protector won't protect your device from everything and is not unbreakable. But it will add a layer of protection for your phone, which, in turn, will help avoid costly screen repairs and a scratched touch screen. After all, it is easier (and cheaper) to replace a screen protector compared to a display.