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PanzerGlass Privacy Solutions

Protect your privacy!

With a PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions you do not have to worry about working on the go or using your phone, tablet or laptop in public places; PanzerGlass™ Privacy Solutions feature a privacy filter, that renders the content of your display almost invisible to everyone except you.

Our screen protector with privacy filter is available for various phone models, tablets, MacBooks, and laptops.

Privacy screen protectors have a filter that allows the light to pass through straight on, but not from the sides. This enables you to see what is on your screen, but rendering your display practically invisible to people next to you, which is practical when using your laptop, smartphone or tablet in public places or in office environments.


Benefits of using PanzerGlass Privacy screen protectors

Besides having our Privacy filter, PanzerGlassTM Privacy screen protectors have the same core features as an original PanzerGlass™ including:

  • Shock resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • 100% touch preservation
  • Full frame coverage (selected phones only)
  • Privacy protectors can also feature a CamSliderTM, which enables you to control when and where the front camera is open
PanzerGlass Apple iPhone X/XS, Black Case Friendly, CamSlider & Dual Privacy

PanzerGlass Privacy Solutions for business use

Privacy screen protectors are the obvious choice for any company looking to prolong the life of the phones and on the same time make sure confidential information does not fall into the hands of the wrong people. Contact us or go to our B2B Privacy page to find out more about PanzerGlassTM Privacy screen protector solutions for your company.