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PanzerGlass ClearCase for Huawei P30

PanzerGlass ClearCaseTM for Huawei P30 protects the beautiful design you paid for and the colours you love while providing uncompromising protection against drops, dust and scratches. Crafted with PanzerGlassTM + a soft TPU frame ClearCase, so the case fits right over the buttons for easy and full access to all functions. The ClearCaseTM coating prevents discoloration and do not harm the wireless charging. Finally, the ClearCaseTM has a perfect alignment with a PanzerGlassTM screen protector.

  • Anti-yellow coating, Glass do not turn yellow.
  • Protection against drops, dust and scratches
  • Fits right over the buttons for easy use
  • Full access to all functions
  • Effective wireless charging
  • Protection for fragile sides
  • Thin
  • TPU frame gives extra grip
  • Perfect alignment with PanzerGlassTM

ClearCaseTM gives you all the beauty and protection you need in the palm of your hand.


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