The fingerprint reader on S21 and S21+ works with PanzerGlass™

The fingerprint reader on S21 and S21+ works with PanzerGlass™

22. April 2021 By PanzerGlass A/S

PanzerGlass™ screen protection for Samsung S21 and S21+


Do you like that you’re the only one who can unlock your Samsung S21 with your unique fingerprint? No wonder – today, our smartphones store lots of information about us and our lives, from social media, emails, online banking, private photos and more. It gives most people peace of mind to know that this information is well protected. You can achieve the same sense of security by using screen protection for the Samsung S21 models . The better you look after your phone, the less risk there is of losing what’s on it.

Screen protection is installed directly onto the screen of the S21 telephone, which means that the part of the screen where the fingerprint reader is placed is covered.

Concerned whether you can still use the fingerprint reader when using a screen protector?

- If you choose PanzerGlass™, there’s no need to worry about this.


The fingerprint reader on S21 and S21+ works with PanzerGlass™

We are proud and happy to have developed a screen protector that provides the renowned PanzerGlass™ screen protection while also allowing you to use the ultrasonic fingerprint reader on the S21!

We’ve solved this challenge by revolutionising the technology behind it. But most importantly, we can now offer it to all Samsung S21/S21+ users.

Our new screen protectors are available for Samsung S21 and Samsung S21+ models and are made of PanzerGlass™. In addition, we have strengthened the glass’ resistance by using microfracture technology, giving you a 100% stronger PanzerGlass™. The screen protector protects the S21 and S21+ telephones from knocks and bumps, and protects you from having to spend time and resources on screen repairs due to damage.

As an additional feature, our screen protectors for S21 and S21+ have an antibacterial surface. This means that 99.99% of the most common bacteria on surfaces like mobile phones can only survive for up to 24 hours on the glass. You might not remember to clean your phone regularly. This is where PanzerGlass™ can help with this antibacterial glass. Remember that the covers for S21  and S21+  also have an antibacterial surface, which means you can protect yourself and your entire phone with PanzerGlass™.


Our S21/S21+ screen protectors are Designed For Samsung approved

We’re not the only ones excited about the new products for Samsung S21 and S21+. In fact, the new products are approved and labelled with Designed for Samsung by Samsung itself.

To obtain this approval, we had to prove that all features, such as the fingerprint reader, work when using PanzerGlass™. This is therefore your guarantee that all of the phone’s functions are intact and that you can both protect your phone and use it as normal with PanzerGlass™ screen protection.


At our online shop, you can see screen protection for S21, screen protection for S21+, and covers for both the S21 and S21+


Tips and help when choosing and installing PanzerGlass™

After installing the screen protector, we recommend increasing the phone’s screen sensitivity and reinstalling your fingerprint. Should you experience any problems with this or have further questions about the product, feel free to contact our customer service.