What type of glass should I choose?

What type of glass should I choose?

21. June 2021 By PanzerGlass A/S

To avoid scratches or broken screens, you can use screen protection from PanzerGlass™. We have many different types of glass, but it can be difficult to know which type to choose.

So we've put together a guide to help you understand what the different types of glass mean. That way you can more easily find the glass that works for your screen.

Standard Fit

Standard fit screen protectors are reduced in size and cover the entire non-curved area on the front of your phone. By only covering the screen, the screen protector is case-friendly, meaning you can pair it with a case to keep the back of your device protected too.


This type of screen protector covers the entire front, so not only the screen itself but the entire front of your device. The design process takes into account the placement of the speaker, sensor, buttons and camera elements to maintain functionality and usability. Edge-to-edge screen protection is case-friendly, so a case can be used without affecting the screen protection. We recommend combining with a ClearCase™.

Curved Glass

Some phones have curved screens and in order to protect these models, you need to use screen protectors with curved edges. This type of screen protector is the most advanced protection.

To match the curved edges, the screen protector must go through a heating and bending process. This is done in order to optimise the protection of the more vulnerable corners and edges of the device.



Want to choose where and when the front camera is opened? Then choose screen protection with CamSlider™. CamSlider™ is built into the PanzerGlass™ screen protector and by sliding it to the right or left, you control when the camera is opened or blocked. CamSlider™ for iPhone is also available in an exclusive version with a Swarovski® crystal.



To protect your privacy from the prying eyes of others, we recommend that you choose screen protection with privacy filter. This model protects both the screen and you, as the privacy filter ensures that only you can see the screen. People next to you can just see a dark screen and you can continue working, surfing or communicating in peace.

Other features
In addition to the different types of glass, you can also choose from a range of features on your screen protector. We have screen protectors with an anti-bacterial layer, so 99.99% of bacteria can't survive. Anti-glare to reduce glare on the screen and anti blue light if you want to reduce the amount of blue light hitting your eyes.