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Why should I use a screen protector for my Apple Watch?


An Apple Watch is often part of an active lifestyle. This means that, in addition to being part of your everyday life, it is with you when you go for a run, hit the gym, ride your bike etc. During these activities, it happens easily that the screen or the edges of the watch get scratches. Just like with smartphones, the display or screen of an Apple Watch is essential. This is where you access and control all functions of the watch.


Damage to the screen can therefore affect the function of your Apple Watch: Imagine if the touch sensitivity would be reduced on parts of the small screen or if you would not be able to see the screen clearly, due to a scratch? In addition to this, a scratch would stand out on the otherwise smooth and shiny Apple Watch screen.


For most people, a watch is an accessory and part of your outfit. For example, you have selected the specific strap that best suits you and your taste. Apart from the technology and gadgets that come with an Apple Watch, the watch is also associated with an aesthetic where scratches and damages just do not fit it. Just like with smartphones, there is also a risk that damage to the screen will result in expensive and time-consuming reparations. Avoid scratches and damage to your Apple Watch - use a screen protector!


Why should I choose your screen protector for Apple Watch?

We create protectors for many types of screens, including the Apple Watch. This means that our screen protector for Apple Watch is based on the same principles as our other products. Our screen protector for Apple Watch is therefore also made of strong, tempered glass, which protects the original screen from scratches, bumps and other types of damage.


Our Apple Watch screen protector is also water resistant, to fit an active lifestyle. It obviously does not affect the features of the watch or the touch sensitivity.


For most Apple Watches, we have two types of screen protection that you can choose between. The first option is the original product, which is a piece of tempered glass that is installed directly onto the screen. This product is installed with our well-known silicone, which ensures a really good adhesion and smooths out any already existing scratches. This product covers the entire screen.


The second option is our latest innovation when it comes to screen protection for Apple Watches, which we call Full Body Protection. This product also protects the edges of the watch, as the product embraces both the screen and the edges. Full Body Protection is applied with a single click and as previously mentioned, it protects both the screen and the edges.

Our Full Body screen protector for Apple Watches has an additional feature, which is an antibacterial surface treatment. This ensures that 99.99% of the surface bacteria that is most common on watches particularly cannot survive on the watch for more than 24 hours.

Our screen protector for Apple Watch is very strong, but should the glass be hit with a force so violent that it breaks, you will notice that it is easy to remove the screen protector again. The back of the glass is covered with a so-called anti-shatter layer, which allows you to remove it in one piece. If you have a new screen protector at hand, you can quickly install it and your Apple Watch is ready to be used again!