Get FREE screen protection for your company’s smartphones for 6 months!

We are looking for 4 companies, who are interested in sharing their PanzerGlass™ screen protector experience with us

Are you curious on how screen protectors for your company's devices can save you and your company time and money?

Think about it... how much time is wasted on repairs of broken device screens. Scratches, scuffs and cracks on the devices also significantly reduce the lifespan and increase depreciation costs for the company.

PanzerGlass™ is looking for 4 companies for market case-studies.

1 in the UK
1 in Denmark
1 in Germany
and 1 in The Netherlands.

We will provide free screen protection for 6 months for the company’s smartphones, all we ask in return is to share your experience in our external communication. Estimated value approximately from EUR 4.000.

The only requirement – the companies should be between 50-200 employees and at least 50 of them having company smartphones.

BE QUICK - Write to us at – first come first serve!

Looking forward to hearing from you.